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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Couple of Updates

So things have been crazy around here lately and blogging has been slow.   I am finally settling in to a new routine.  I have taken a full- time teaching assistant position for special needs children at our local public school system and I still have my part-time driving job as well.  With a large family wanting/needing my attention on the after school hours, life can be kinda crazy!  And though things have been quiet on the blogging end, we have been busy with getting our kids enrolled again this year, collecting the end of year report cards, switching some kids to new schools, etc. etc.  Stephen is back at it again, working towards updates for our sponsor families and we will be updating each one of you.  I just want to take this time here to mention that the last time I spoke with Stephen he wanted me to share with you the thankfulness from each family.  Some have expressed how much stress has been taken from them knowing that their child is in school and fees are paid, now they can focus on how to feed their children without the added pressure of paying for school.

If you've followed the blog before, you know that Stephen's sister had passed away leaving two babies behind.  They have been sponsored by a family here in the US and the babies are doing fabulously!  They are growing by leaps and bounds and have remained healthy since birth.  Such a blessing!  AND, Rebecca gave birth to a healthy baby girl just recently and they named her Monconjay.  She is totally adorable.  I cannot wait to see her.  Stephen and Rebecca have alot going on and I would ask that you cover them in prayer.

On another note, Donna will be taking a trip to Liberia in November.  At this time we are sending over the previous letters and items that some of you have sent a few months back.  Differing circumstances had made the past trips needing to be re-scheduled.  So, if you have not heard back, you will next month when Donna comes back from the trip.  I am hoping that all of you received your letters and/or drums from Liberia from the last trip.  If something was missed please let me know!  I am working on a return trip to Liberia during the beginning or ending of this coming summer.  My date has not been planned yet because we have a graduation and a wedding within a month of each other.  I will keep you updated on that as the plans unfold. (Keep it in the back of your mind and if there is something you would like me to do while I am there please email me.) If you wish to send another package or have not yet been able to and want to, this would be a great time to get something to me.  By the end of October I will be sending everything to Donna to take with her.

One more quick update...Global Orphan Outreach has been working hard to make the website easier to navigate and understand.  Go here to see our changes that we are making.  Now on to some pictures for you.

The twins.

Such little cuties.  We are having fun watching them grow!

Yonjay is off to school this year.  Look at his cuteness in his uniform.

And after a very long wait the arrival on Monconjay finally came.  This is her dedication.