We invite you to join with us in walking for the kids of Liberia. Your personal involvement in our walk allows our kids to have an education that they would not otherwise ever be able to afford. We believe that education will change the future of Liberia. With a few small steps at a time we can make a difference!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that you can sponsor one of our Liberian school children and receive pictures, report cards and have contact with them through writing letters?

Did you know that you can change their life with as little as 25 dollars?  If you sponsor a child from Light Stream Academy for 25 dollars, you will enable them to attend the 2011-12 school year?

Did you know that when you sponsor a child, not only are you giving them a year of education but you are giving them HOPE.  JOY.  PEACE IN THE FACT THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.

Did you know that when you sponsor a child YOU will be blessed, you will feel joy and peace and begin a journey of hope alongside them?

Did you know that our Liberian kids love it when another child their age writes letters to them?  Yes, even kids can sponsor kids!

Take a peek at some children on our SPONSOR A CHILD page.  Pick a child that you can sponsor, email me and start getting pictures, report cards and information!  Sponsor a child, your child, today!

*$25.00 covers cost of tuition only at Light Stream Academy*

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