We invite you to join with us in walking for the kids of Liberia. Your personal involvement in our walk allows our kids to have an education that they would not otherwise ever be able to afford. We believe that education will change the future of Liberia. With a few small steps at a time we can make a difference!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sometimes You have to Wander Off the Path

This blog is about kids.  It's about school.  It's about sending kids to school in Liberia.  I am passionate about this cause for sure, but sometimes you have to wander off of the path.....Tonite I am wandering just for a bit to bring your attention to another important matter.

Stephen is my program director in Liberia.    His wife is expecting a baby and we are so excited for baby Johnson to come!  BUT, this pregnancy has not been easy on her. We have been keeping in contact with doctors to make sure things are coming along nicely.  They recently have had a tragedy in their family.  It is with great sorrow we tell you that Stephen's sister has died exactly one week ago today giving birth to her beautiful twin children.  She delivered a baby boy and a baby girl!  This is their picture at one week old.  Left, baby girl and Right, baby boy.

The babies were taken to an orphanage.  This orphanage is overcrowded with too many children.  It is not a place where these babies can grow and be healthy.  Mercy is the woman in yellow.  She is the founder of this orphanage and has agreed to take the babies in and feed them for 2 weeks.  This coming Wednesday will be the last day she will care for them.

As you can see in this picture the babies are on the ground on an old foam mattress.

We have asked Stephen to go get the children.  That is where we are hoping you or someone you know  comes in.  We are hoping,  praying that we can find these children a sponsor quickly!  They will need food and necessities to take care of them in their foster placement.  Stephen and Rebecca cannot do this alone.  They do not have the financial means.

Here is a sweet picture of baby boy.

And a precious one of baby girl.

You or someone you know could help.  You can be their sponsor family.  And, they are letting sponsor family choose names for these two.  We don't know what mom was planning on naming them and so Stephen has expressed that he would like the sponsor family to choose.  Please consider giving these two a good chance at a long and healthy life!  That is a great gift to a Liberian child!  Infant mortality in Liberia is very high.

If you feel led to inquire more about these two you can contact me through email above or Donna Barber @ 715-415-4401.



  1. I have just been in touch with Donna at Global Orphan Outreach... We have two biological children and one Ethiopian princess. We are in the process of adopting twins from Ethiopia but as the government restructures there it has been a difficult journey. God is calling us to twins and then we received an emailing regarding these little ones yesterday morning... Our hearts felt at ease and at the same time ached for them and their family... We would like to talk more about possible adoption/sponsorship/etc. My family blog is www.beneaththeacaciatree.com. Our prayers are with you and yours and upon these little ones.
    Love and prayers,

  2. I should add.. we are in WI too (Waukesha) :)

  3. Thanks for considering us... Prayers and blessing to the family able to sponsor these little ones!